Project objectives

Athero-Flux aims to identify, characterise and validate novel therapeutic targets for CVD by dissecting the biosynthesis and pro-atherogenic potential of specific molecular species of SLs identified by lipidomics as strong predictors of CV risk in large-scale clinical studies.


Specific objectives:

dot_right Objective 1: To identify the steps regulating the generation and signalling of specific SLs
      relevant to CV risk
dot_right Objective 2: To validate therapeutic targets in SL metabolism and downstream signalling
      using atherosclerosis models in vitro and in vivo
dot_right Objective 3: To develop clinically applicable LNA-based therapeutics for the treatment of
      CVD and its acute complications



Athero-Flux is designed with 3 phases:

1) The TARGET IDENTIFICATION PHASE screening for targets within SL metabolism
and associated signalling employing high-throughput technologies;
2) The TARGET EVALUATION PHASE assessing the biological consequences of alterations
of SL metabolism and the systemic factors involved;
3) The TARGET VALIDATION PHASE generating validation tools against the most
prominent candidate targets and using them in established models of atherosclerosis.



View the PROJECT STRUCTURE for further information.